binbrook flt

Binbrook formation 1964. A Spitfire leads two Hunters and a Meteor from the Air Fighting Development Squadron of the Central Fighter Establishment, a Javelin of 64 Squadron and a Canberra T11 of 85 Squadron. The formation is over Hull (modern postcode HU5 4LJ ).This was presented to me aged 10 on a tour of Binbrook – Chapter 5 (Photo: Crown Copyright)

pelican-formationPelican Formation 1984. The Vampire and Meteor of the Vintage Pair lead 16 Jet Provosts on the transfer flight from Leeming to Scampton. MC is in the JP under the Meteor. The Vintage Pair were involved in the tragedy at Mildenhall two years later  – Chapters 19 & 23 (Photo: Allan Burney, Aircraft Illustrated)

phantom-coningsbyA Phantom of 6 Squadron gets airborne from Coningsby, circa 1970. Tattershall Castle can be seen directly below it – see Chapter 6. (Photo: Issued to the media – Crown Copyright)

starlifterA C-141 Starlifter at a Mildenhall Air Fete circa 1992. One of these transport aircraft was involved in the tragedy at Thorney Fen in August 1976 – see Chapter 23. (Photo: MC)

F3 over Lincs coast

A Tornado F3 (similar to the one in which MC did a burner climb and went supersonic – Chapter 22) of 5 Squadron at Coningsby over the Lincolnshire coast circa 1990. (Photo: Issued to the media – Crown Copyright, Rick Brewell RAF)

Lanc & 747 Lincoln

Two aircraft both named `City of Lincoln` overfly the Cathedral circa 1992. British Airways Boeing 747, in which MC made the delivery flight from Seattle (Chapter 23), and the Lancaster of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Photo: Issued to the media – Crown Copyright)


`Wayne, justa come and look at this f……..` Shot from airside, an F-16 of the Royal Netherlands Air Force turns it on at Mildenhall – see Chapters 23 & 26 (Photo: MC)


A C-130 demonstrates a tactical approach at Fairford circa 1985. Not an angle of attack to be flown when The Falcons parachute display team were waiting to jump out of it – see Chapter 13 (Photo: MC)


The Red Arrows lead British Airways Boeing 747 `City of Lincoln` in a flypast over the city in 1993 – see Chapter 23 (Photo: MC)

Boston from C130

Boston Stump from the flight deck of the RAF C-130 Hercules carrying The Falcons parachute display team and MC in June 1977 – see Chapter 13 (Photo: Eric Spencer LSG)


Three RAF Tornado F3s return to their dispersal at the southern end of the runway of the Royal Malaysian Air Force base at Butterworth, March 1990. Butterworth sounds like it should be a Yorkshire village but it can only be found in Malaysia. See Chapter 9 (Photo: MC)


An RAF Tornado F3 air refuelling from a VC10 tanker of 101 Squadron over Malaysia in March 1990. See Chapter 9 (Photo: MC)

MC in JP

Settle in the straps. MC in the right hand seat of a Jet Provost T5A at Finningley in March 1990, preparing for a sortie with Squadron Leader Mike Jukes.  `If I say eject, just go.`(Chapter 19)


A Mirage 2000 of the French Air Force reheats its routine, Mildenhall circa 1989 – Chapter 23 (Photo: MC)




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